The Namibian Association of Medical Aid Funds (NAMAF) is a juristic body, established in terms of the Medical Aid Funds Act, 1995 (Act 23 of 1995) to control, promote, encourage and co-ordinate the establishment, development and functioning of Medical Aid Funds in Namibia.

 Practice Numbers

NAMAF allocates practice numbers to Providers of healthcare.

  • Create national database for healthcare
  • Allow private and public medical aid funds
  • Allow imporved internet capability
  • Reduce administrative costs: by working through PCNS


Core function areas of NAMAF:

  • Practice Code Numbering System (PCNS)
  • Benchmark tariff adjustment
  • Trustee Training 
  • NAMAF Annual Conference

Tel: +264 (61) 257211/2

Fax: +264 (61) 257213

E-mail: info@namaf.org.na

PO Box 11974, Klein Windhoek Namibia

13 Feld Street, Windhoek