our customers

Who are our customers?

NAMAF is an association of all registered Medical Aid Funds in Namibia, in terms of the Medical Aid Fund Act 23 of 1995 all registered Funds are obliged to affiliate to NAMAF. They have no choice. Regulation 5(1) made in terms of the Medical Aids Funds Act (Govt. Notice No. 12 of 1997) compels every healthcare provider who intends to claim reimbursement directly from any registered Medical Aid Fund in respect of services rendered to any member of such registered Funds to apply for a practice number from NAMAF in order to enable the Funds to identify his/her claims and to properly administer such claims. This in a nutshell mean that no Healthcare Provider will succeed with a claim against any registered Fund unless such a Healthcare Provider is issued with a practice number by Namaf.

NAMAF derives its revenue from subscription fees payable by all affiliated Medical Aid Funds and registration fees in respect of new practice number as well as annual renewal fees paid by Healthcare Providers who wishes to maintain their practice numbers. By and large these two categories make up the customer segments of NAMAF.

What are the offerrings to our customers?

As alluded to NAMAF serves two types of customers hence its offerings and/or products it offers to these customer segments are tailor made to suit the needs of its customers. It is worth mentioning that the two customer segments display unique characteristics for the one segment which comprises all registered Medical Aid Funds is homogenous while the other segment which comprises various Healthcare Providers is heterogeneous in that there are a myriad of service providers such as Medical and Dental Service Providers, Allied Healthcare Practitioners, Hospitals and Pharmacies to mention but a few whom all will have different needs.

The products and/or services NAMAF is offering its customers is predominantly informed by its mandate as provided for in section 10(3) which set the object of the Association to control, promote, encourage and co-ordinate the establishment, development and functioning of funds in Namibia in addition. The table (Table 1) below depicts the analysis and the interplay between the function, goal and the objectives as contained in the object of NAMAF.

There is no definition of four verbs (control, promote, encourage and coordinate) used in the object of the association in the Medical Aid Funds Act. For anyone to make sense of the real purpose of what NAMAF was created for one need to understand what those verbs denotes. The table (Table 2) below provides an explanation of what those verbs means in practical terms.