practice coding numbering system

In terms of Section 5 of the Regulations (Regulations in terms of the Medical Aid Funds Act of 1995), NAMAF allocates practice numbers to providers of healthcare services and health facilities to identify claims accurately, according to the healthcare discipline, and for the proper administration and processing thereof.

A practice number is allocated to a healthcare service provider under the condition that the provider is registered with the relevant Namibian Health Professions Council and is in possession of the Health Registration Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health & Social Services in terms of Section 31 of the Hospitals and Health Facilities Act, 1994 (Act 36 of 1994).

NAMAF, in collaboration with BHF (Board of Healthcare Funders of Southern Africa) makes use of the Practice Numbering System(PCNS) in the allocation of Practice Numbers. The PCNS is a unique database of registered healthcare professionals and institutions used by both private and public healthcare entities. It is currently the most comprehensive index of healthcare providers in Southern Africa.

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